The thorough service that Merlin 5 provides is one of the main reasons it has been in business for so many years. With attention to quality, cost, and on time delivery, we strive for your satisfaction and whole heartedly agree that this is what keeps our customers happy and returning time after time.

Merlin 5 specializes in all types of materials.

We specialize in metals, all types of plastics, and even bone. Send us your designs on any Cad file, Master cam, a drawing by fax, or even a sample. We also have the ability to produce a prototype by simply giving us the requirements and specifications. When we make a prototype we get excited, knowing that we helped someone’s idea/design come to fruition.

All prices and designs are confidential.

We have the ability to facilitate all of your finishing requirements. From plating, polishing, power coating, anodizing, deburring, heat treating, and metal cleaning. These are executed in house or with one of our trusted and proven vendors. With these vendors and our in house capabilities we are able to provide Turn Key manufacturing to our customers.

We provide competitive USA pricing.

The products shown in our service pages are shown only to display our capabilities. We respect the ownership, of all the products, we help to produce. We only machine products for their rightful owners.

Thank you for visiting our Website. Please call or email us if we can be any assistance in your product or design

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