Custom guitar parts made in the USA.

Over 35 years of quality and cost efficiency.

Welcome to our home page! Merlin 5 is one of the music industries leading manufacturer’s, providing guitar builders with the finest hardware available. Our ultimate goals: quality, cost, and on time delivery.  

We machine all types of metal & plastic materials.

Located in Southern California, we utilize 4 top of the line CNC mills and many other manual machines to consistently meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We create prototypes and provide large and small production runs. These CNC machines and manual machines accurately machine parts to our customer’s specifications.

You can rely on Merlin 5 to do the job right. We’ve succeeded by helping customers benefit from our vast experience in the machine world.

Merlin 5 Products has been a NAMM member for more than 15 years.

We respect the ownership, of all the products, we help to produce. The products shown in our service pages are shown only to display our capabilities. We only machine products for their rightful individual owners. All prices and designs are confidential. Please call or email us if we can be of any assistance in your product or design.


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