About Us

Prior to establishing Merlin 5, Bill Gerien mastered his craft in the Aero-Space and electrical industries. Starting out as a little ole tool and die maker, Bill has been in business, in Southern California, for about 35 years. Along with business partner Gary Kahler, Bill started a company called The Brass Factory that specialized in producing guitar hardware. The Brass Factory was the start for Bill in the music instrument component industry.

Bill has a reputation of advising his customers when it comes to designs. His professionalism provides for better functionality and efficiency which results in an all-around better product. This way, Merlin 5’s work can be manufactured in a cost effective manner. Saving you, the customer, both money and time.

The employees of Merlin 5 are experienced, versatile, creative and dedicated.

Our talented team is what truly helps to make our company successful. This dedicated group of employees has always made it their mission to make sure customers are nothing but satisfied.

With respect to our customers; all prices designs are confidential.

The products shown in our service pages are shown only to display our capabilities. We respect the ownership, of all the products, we help to produce. We only machine products for their rightful owners.

Thank you for visiting our Website. Please call or email us if we can be any assistance in your product or design.

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